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We are Iguana Media Group Full Service

Iguana Media Group is a full service creative and marketing agency. 20-plus years serving the world’s finest high profile clients who choose to select discrete and highly valued agency “good deeds”.

We maintain offices in Orange County, Ca., Los Angeles, the fine SoHo District of NYC, London, Hilo, Hawaii, London, Tokyo, El Paso, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, and China.  We also maintain one core value: “25 hour work days and 8 day work weeks” all at 110% performance value. "We wear jeans."

IMG carries a staff made up of the finest professionals groomed from entertainment sectors and known as the “Top Guns” in their fields.

We market services and products with the ability to guide start-up companies to brand creative and marketing adventures for the best of Fortune 100 companies broken down in entertainment, retail, manufacturing, services, hospitality, food service, toys and games, sports, and world philanthropic efforts.


Yes we build websites. Yes we are world class designers. Yes we are programmers. Yes we have on the ground field agencies world-wide. Yes

we are known advertising all stars.  Yes we create packaging. Yes we

produce all manufactured marketing materials. Yes we are experts in PR

and world/domestic wire service Press Releases. 



This is our world. The world of Iguana Media Group. How we get paid. How we got paid. Decades. And decades more. From the small to the large we performed. Never once a complaint. This is why we

are good. Our partners worldwide.

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