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Big Little Lies (HBO)

With  Iguana Media Group having on the ground field agencies in 50 plus DMA USA markets why not let us handle all College Marketing and Printed Materials. HBO said yes. 


There is so much about this limited series that looks enticing, from the gorgeous Monterey setting to the intrigue of rivalry among upper-class moms that (maybe?) leads to murder. Perhaps the biggest draw of Big Little Lies is the promise of watching fierce performances from a high-caliber cast of female actors, including Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, and Reese Witherspoon, who shows she’s definitely got some Tracy Flick left in her.


The Americans (FX)

Iguana Media Group built 22 mini websites for The Americans to transfer power to active adults and if you can believe it NRA members worldwide. FX said why not. 


With so much current talk about Russia’s attempt to influence and undermine our government, isn’t it nice to go back to the 1980s and watch a show about … a pair of Russians attempting to influence and undermine our government? Actually, yes, it is, especially because we’re dying to know whether the Jennings decided to stay in America or return to their homeland. If they stayed, we’re very curious to know just how serious things might get between Paige and Matthew Beeman after their “steamy” Super Bowl XVIII make-out sesh.


Game of Thrones (HBO)


Iguana Media Group designed 12 varied episodic promos for season use.  And all print materials for promotions.


Season seven will be the penultimate season of Thrones; showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss say they’re only doing seven episodes this time, partly to concentrate on set pieces that are reportedly even bigger than before. This will almost certainly be the TV event to beat next year. No fantasy on theatrical screens, whether one-shot or franchise, is as consistently engrossing as this series.


This study delivered original data on a relatable topic, which caught the attention of one of the biggest morning news programs.

Star Trek: Discovery (CBS All Access)


Iguana Media Group signed a two years world promo deal with Star Trek in design and printed materials as well as all show events for the loyal niche to Star Trek.  And we enjoyed our Iguana Media Group costume stunt people in New York Central Park for a huge kick off.


Bryan Fuller was attached to this Star Trek series and helped develop it, but eventually left to concentrate on American Gods and the still in-development Amazing Stories reboot. No matter who helms it, though, the Trek tradition of inclusiveness will surely continue: Discover will feature the series’ first Asian female captain (Hong Kong action star Michelle Yeoh), as well as its first openly gay character (Anthony Rapp). On the sci-fi side of things, it will also feature a member of a nonhuman species (incarnated by Doug Jones) never before seen in the franchise.

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