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Iguana Media Group demonstrates power of its digital world marketing team for TODAY SHOW


The Today Show Discusses White Lies Study


When DIRECTV wanted to promote the new film about Lance Armstrong’s downfall in the world of competitive cycling, we worked together to create a campaign about the story’s core – lying.

We surveyed 2,000 people to find out how they feel about lying, what types of lies they tell, and what types of lies they think are reasonable. We turned the results into the “White Lies: Where Is the Line?” study. 

The study hit a sweet spot, and people were eager to learn about the lies that people tell and to discuss the results – including the team at the “Today” show.

The “Today” show featured the study on their segment What’s Trending Today. The panel reviewed the worst lies, shared their opinions on white lies, and even gave examples of the white lies they regularly tell.

By connecting the Lance Armstrong story to an interesting topic people would enjoy talking about and creating original data on the subject, we were able to maximize the reach of the DIRECTV campaign and get coverage on national television.  

Dozens of News Outlets Cover Airline Hygiene Findings


In order to generate interest among Travelmath’s target audience, we created a study around a topic that travelers would care about: the cleanliness of airplanes. For “Airline Hygiene Exposed,” we used data from physical samples collected from five airports and four flights and shared the findings in an engaging infographic and report.


As we predicted, the combination of travel and germs was a hot topic. Multiple news channels featured on-air (and online) stories about the results of our study. Many local news stations turned the story into on-air interest pieces and shared it with audiences across the country.

Traditional media placements included:

By exploring an emotionally-driven topic that makes people a little squeamish, we were able to get the Travelmath brand in front of audiences both online and off.  

The Today Show Talks About Cell Phone Pet Peeves Survey


To promote eBay Deals, we looked at how technology is used in different countries by surveying 1,000 people across the globe to uncover their most annoying tech pet peeves. The data – which revealed that most people are annoyed by smartphone photos posted at the gym, in the mirror, and while making a duckface – were compiled into the “Worldwide Tech Etiquette” study.

The findings became a hot topic receiving coverage on high-authority blogs and national television programs. A panel on the “Today” show discussed the survey by sharing their own pet peeves and playing a game where they admitted to some of the most annoying tech habits.


This study delivered original data on a relatable topic, which caught the attention of one of the biggest morning news programs.

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