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FULL SERVICE - What We Do For You

Motion Pictures Marketing


Motion Pictures Marketing for all the major studios and independents.  We do it all except for the television ad buys for trailers and the creative for the trailer.  We are the one agency that knows film marketing better than any agency in the world.  We understand the new world of integration between our efforts and those of the studio or filmmaker.  We know the filmmakers and their preferences.  We understand studio budgets and we work lean.  We have field agencies worldwide to execute tours, talent appearances, stunts that make sense, and long term in market campaigns whether it be in grammar schools to high schools and onto colleges.  We have no barrier to where we have gone to market a film online or offline.




Commercials/Infomercial Production/Scripting/

Creative….you can pay ten times more. Why?



Production/All Packaging

Production/All Packaging, Print, Boxes, Retail….

all means all.



Mobile Marketing

Mobie Marketing is fun.  Full car wraps, van wraps, motorhomes, tours, online ties, digital blow outs.



Extreme Publicity

Extreme Publicity is achieved through carefully thought out press relations and media relations worldwide.  And knowing the wire services.  Press release drafting.  Timing.  And your goals.  Public Relations is always a fluff area.  PR with sales is where the water meets the shore.  Surf profits with us.





Stunts are just that. A moment in time to create media.  No media no stunt.  We deliver media.




Conceptual is a starting point for many

chores.  Naming a company.  Naming a

brand.  Trademark research.  Patent research.   The whole burrito is built first here.  Yes we

said burrito.  Heck, the BBQ is lit here.  The

tree is planted here.  We are the ground. 

Water us with your trust…the concepts flow.   

Television Shows Marketing


Television Shows Marketing for every major network. As depicted here in our film marketing cache…why say it twice?  No need.  Stay lean.


Theme Parks

Theme Parks – all aspects in promotions/

marketing to assist the ever hard burdened

in-park staff.  All sorts of fun here.  Driving families to the parks.  External marketing online and offline.  Target audience custom programs so our parks partners can measure exactly what we do. 


Marketing in the pure meat of the meaning. Social platforms are exhausted both online and offline.  We are talking about our field agencies in major markets worldwide.  We are talking our online professionals marketing you, your products, you films, your shows, your services hard and fast.  Real measured attacks.  No fluff.   

Website Design

Website Design is where we excel big.  Front end to back end.  No fluff.  We try to take your content and explode the words.  Now if we need to supply the words.  We research team your company and we write about you, your world, your services, goals, life, energy, and we build you then present you to your world.  Test us.    

Public Relations

Public Relations is most usually for the BIGS that need a philanthropic movement designed on purity of cause and purity in reason.  Or, to design a good faith program that enhances a growing brand or builds on an existing icon brand.  Now if one is in trouble, well, IMG digs wells.  We know people.  We know the media.  And we can teach you a way home.  A trail to follow us to public redemption.  Tough to talk about?  Here?  Not really.  It is a fact.  BIGS and SMALLS make errors.  We find a bridge to better PR health.      


Branding means logo, means tags, means

goals, means colors, and means design. 

In the world there is not one category we

have not branded.  

Eco Friendly Skills


Need we say more?  If you want Eco.  We are Eco.  In our world.  Our Universe.  Why not try to lend a hand?  We do.   And let’s not kid around.  Packaging and print materials can cost a tad more for eco friendly.  It might be worth it to you. 



Music Marketing


Music Marketing for every major label.  Why say it again?  See what we do in film and TV.



Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA colleges and more.  We work with individual teams and schools to excel their fan base participation and ticket buying interest.  There is no one formula and we do not brag about the past or current.  We do it. 

Print Services

Print/Services…from design to yes the actual print and ship to you.  This means paper to boxes to POP/POS…all in.  (We know not all know. POP and POS are point of purchase and point of sales – displays.  You know, those things  you bump into at retail, end caps…to draw your wallet to buy.   

Street Marketing

Street Marketing is not street marketing.  We use the term here to just let you know.  Handing out t-shirts or posters is not marketing.  Viral marketing is embedding yourselves in the lives of the community you market offline or online.  Define them.  Attract them.  Live with them.  Promote to them.  And be fair to their needs.  You will win.    


Advertising is a charmer for building sales

or brand.  But how?  Easy.  Creative.  The message.  Knowing your audience.  We recommend or clients fully understand what it means to advertise along the horizontals and verticals they desire.  What is the goal?  Then we roll.




Events are designed to make money or for cause.  We are turnkey.  From taping the floor to shutting the doors.  All bookings.  All in.




Packaging…oh my.  Boom time.  We build whatever is needed for whatever purpose.  All in.  Multiple concepts.  The sell is here folks.  This is where the honey meets the money.  And we are fast.  Retail POS, packaging, j-hook, blister, fold out, fold in, hanging, dangling…not one we have not done except.  Yes there is one we have not done and that is invisible.  



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