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The Iguana Media Group & AMC Walking Dead Hoax Terrorized Unsuspecting New Yorkers

Some people have serious plans worked out in case of the zombie apocalypse, but none of them seem to be victims of zombie pranks like this one. 


The prank was set up to promote the AMC’s Walking Dead and it was executed quite well. Just like in the show, the walkers seem to come in groups, so a bunch of actors got all done up with gruesome makeup for this event. What makes this prank so scary is the element of surprise, since the zombies come up from below the sidewalk and it happens in broad daylight. 


Before the stunt, a construction tent was set up over a grate and it seems to have been replaced with a trick one, which allowed the actors to remove pieces to put their hands through. The stunt is a pretty creepy one and it will surely make you watch your step.

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